Academics Overview

HVCS: Where every day is a special day!


Check out some of the creative learning going on at HVCS

  • Mrs. Payne shared her beautiful singing voice with Ms. Scott’s 3rd grade reading class; they have been enjoying Phantom of the Opera. 
  • Mrs. Towers had her 1st grade class face time with Candace Dyer, who is stationed in Virginia, to thank her for her service on Veteran’s Day. 
  • Mrs. Grimes invited Alex Henderson to her 3rd grade homeroom to teach them about Passover – the lesson included food! He also returned as the Phantom and treated the students to a dramatic reading and song.
  • Mrs. Viall and Mrs. Shepard have been discussing the Pilgrims and their early days. Students designed and made their own Mayflower. Then they had to test their ships to see if they would float with their teddy bear aka Pilgrim passengers.
  • Mrs. Bechtol has been having her 5th grade class research historical figures; they will be performing monologues in costume tomorrow at Circle.