Libby Putman
Libby Putman

"Art is seeing through the window of your eyes and creating a masterpiece through your soul."

Libby Putman

At HVCS, art is an appreciation, understanding, evaluation, and enjoyment of the world around us. A wide range of valuable experiences make up an art program "basic" to a child's development. These art experiences are the building blocks for the creative powers of the child and their sensitivities - seeing, hearing, feeling, and thinking.

The most rewarding part of being an Art Teacher, is seeing a child create their first masterpiece. I consider it a great privilege to be on staff at Hickory Valley Christian School. Here, I can be a part of an excellent program that still considers "art" essential for the development of the "whole" child. When students walk into my classroom, they not only learn art education, but they are free to write, draw, build, paste, cut, fold, mold, color and anything else they can do to form their own creation.

I am really looking forward to this coming year and the possibilities it holds. I am going to be changing it up a bit. Be prepared for more fun and never-ending art knowledge. I am so excited!!

Ms. Libby

Happenings in the Art Room

For the conclusion of the month of August and part of September, we will be concentrating on Line Art. Many renowned artists used this element to construct beautiful paintings, sketches, and sculptures. Below, are a few famous works of art. Enjoy~

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