Misty Mc Innes
Misty Mc Innes

Welcome to HVCS Technology Classes 

In our HVCS Technology Classes we focus on the basic building blocks of computer technology while integrating and reinforcing material from all other subjects. We also incorporate newer programs and learn about current technology trends. We believe it’s very important to master basic skills such as keyboarding, word processing, computer problem solving, etc. to establish a firm foundation that will support student learning for years to come. In addition, we establish a clear understanding of what it means to be good digital citizens and the importance of staying safe online. Our HVCS Technology classes are always full of fun and exciting opportunities to grow and learn.

Happenings from the Computer Lab

Students in grades 1st-5th practice keyboarding at least once a month from August through May. It is introduced in K4 and K5 as a way to familiarize the students with the keyboard and prepare them for keyboarding in the upper grades.

Our K4-K5 students are continuing to learn how to open and close programs and navigate between websites and online menus. They are learning to recognize online menu symbols  (such as play, pause, stop, etc.). We are working towards being able to print their online artwork now that they have mastered the hand/eye coordination it takes to control a computer mouse.

Our 1st-5th grade classes have recently covered Microsoft Excel at varying levels and learned to make charts and graphs to coincide with their science fair project reports. In April we're using Microsoft Word to help reinforce their word processing skills in collaboration with material we're covering in Library for National Poetry Month. As we wrap up our review we will be getting back into our coding programs using both Kodable and Scratch. May is a very exciting time in computer because we will begin working in centers with various devices and equipment such as Little Bits circuits, StikBot movie making, Dash and Dot Robotics, and a crowd favorite - tinkering with old computers. Everyone loves to dissect our old computers and devices to see what makes them tick. 

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