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Romans 12:12

Exciting New Classes offered in 2016-2017

We are excited to announce some curriculum modifications for the upcoming school year:

1.   We are adding two ‘specials’ to the curriculum.  Each student in K5-5th grade will now be doing one semester of creative writing and one semester of drama.  These classes will meet once a week.  We believe these additions will enhance students’ writing and public speaking skills in a creative and engaging way!  These skills will be beneficial as they prepare for middle school.

2.   Spanish will now be part of a general class called Language Studies.  Students will continue to have Spanish lessons using the Rosetta Stone program in the computer lab.  This program will allow them to pick up wherever they left off last year and work at their own pace.  In addition to Spanish, students will be studying language origins.  We will be looking at Greek and Latin roots, as well as common prefixes and suffixes.  These lessons will provide a good basis for any language they may wish to study in the future.  They will also help with English spelling and vocabulary.  5###sup/sup### graders will be attending this class twice a week.

These classes will be taught by Mrs. Veys.  For more detailed information, check out the Creative Arts and Drama page as well as the Language Studies page located under the Academics tab, then under the Specials sub-tab.

Exciting New Classes offered in 2016-2017 Photos

  • Exciting New Classes offered in 2016-2017