Academics Overview

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Bringing Literature to Life!

Hickory Valley Christian School exists to help families develop strong foundations for their children. Whether it is spiritually, academically, developmentally, or socially our faculty strive to help each child reach his or her best potential while making learning fun and engaging. Our teachers are very creative and we never miss an opportunity to dress up or help our kids to shine on stage, whether it is a play or musical, a historical monologue, or a skit in chapel or circle. We have found that these opportunities instill a sense of confidence in our students that they carry with them in middle school and beyond.

To that end, we have chosen a theme that will incorporate what we are doing really well: Bringing Literature to Life! With that in mind, here is our plan for the year:

  1. Fall in to a great book: We will kick off the year with a celebration of a love of reading. Students in grades K3-5th will be exposed to a variety of great children’s literature, from classic picture books to Great Illustrated Classics. This will kick off with our Book Fair on Sept.16th, our 5th graders’ annual Fall Author’s Monologue on Sept. 27th, and wrap it all up with our Fall Family Fun Night on Oct. 18th..
  2. Exploring the works of Charles Dickens: Each class 1st-5th will be reading a classic by Charles Dickens. In celebration of his life and works, we will enjoy a traditional "Fezziwig"  feast. Students will dress in Victorian costumes and perform skits based on his works.
  3. Cuddle up with a good book: Our winter unit will include circle performances based on winter themed books. New this year, 2nd grade will be reading biographies then creating their own Wax Museum. From the library, Mrs. Nichols will be hosting “All things Fairy Tales”. This unit will culminate in our celebration of the life and works of Dr. Seuss.
  4. World’s Fair: Spring will kick off with all the fun, learning and projects affiliated with World’s Fair. Classes will be reading stories or books by authors from their continent of focus. April also celebrates National Poetry Month. 
  5. KY Derby: It’s all about the horses! This has become a very popular tradition but this year we will tie literature to the event as well.