Kathy Higley
Kathy Higley

Welcome Parents to the wonderful world of First Grade!

This year is a fun and exciting year for your child. They will mature, grow academically and socially and begin to learn how to see the world with an inquiring mind. They will become writers, readers, scientist, explorers, athletes, musicians, poets, actors, and so much more as we discover where their interests lie, and strive to inspire the whole child to be a life-long learner.

Looking Ahead

Our first grade class has been reading many interesting books such as After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again), The Invisible Boy, and Creepy Carrots.  They are learning valuable reading skills by practicing making predictions, retelling, making connections, and character traits.  We work throughout the week on phonics and strategies to help hold the sound-letter symbol connection.  They are being introduced to test taking during math and spelling.  Science has been a time to learn about plants and performing experiments (and learning that at times our experiments do not work).  Social Studies has introduced learning about our State of Tennessee Symbols.  They will soon study the American Symbols.  There is plenty of hands-on work to perform.  Our first grade class is a busy class but always a fun class!  Grandparent's Day is in a few weeks and we will be making crafts and working on our skit.  

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