Kathy Higley
Kathy Higley

Welcome Parents to the wonderful world of First Grade!

This year is a fun and exciting year for your child. They will mature, grow academically and socially and begin to learn how to see the world with an inquiring mind. They will become writers, readers, scientist, explorers, athletes, musicians, poets, actors, and so much more as we discover where their interests lie, and strive to inspire the whole child to be a life-long learner.

Looking Ahead

The first grade is currently working on their individual timelines which they have been learning about during our Social Studies class.  These will be proudly displayed in the gym after the students have completed them.  We will be leading the Chapel service on Valentine's Day.  The lesson will be on the Ten Plagues of Egypt and the students all have a part of the service.  Our class will enjoy the Sock Hop later that day.  The months of March and April will be busy as we prepare for the World's Fair and the Kentucky Derby.  First grade will be preparing the room with information about Central America.  They will enjoy decorating the room as well as learning about individual countries from their research.  The Kentucky Derby comes alive as the first grade will run their own horses.  This year they will also have help from their coaches in the second grade.  It will be a great sight to behold.  We will be winding down at this point and looking forward to our summer vacation!

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