Debbie Aytes
Debbie Aytes

Welcome to third grade! This year will be an exciting developmental year for your child academically, socially, and emotionally. We will study many exciting topics in math such as division, multiplication, and word problems! Students will become more independent and work on growing as readers. We will do many science experiments and STEM activities. We will also work on technology and incorporating computer skills into our daily lessons. Most importantly, students will grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other. In this classroom, we are a family! I cannot wait for a great year at HVCS!

Week of October 11-15

Math- We will introduce division and review shapes/geometry. 

 HOMEWORK- homework page due Friday. 6's timed test Friday- You can take more if you choose! Play games, make flashcards, or download speed drills to practice! Math quiz on Thursday.

Spelling - Unit 8 due on Friday. Please make sure to complete all parts. Words are written in your child's agenda. Send in a signed note on Friday stating that your child studied for 5 points extra credit! 

Language Arts - We will continue our focus on nouns and prepare to take our unit 2 nouns test. The test will be Thursday- review pages will come home Monday. I am confident students will not need a ton of review. Please remember these pages are OPTIONAL but can be helpful! 

There will NOT be a weekly test on Friday because of the unit test on Thursday.


Bible - We have been continuing our pretend journey to the promised land dressed in our Bible costumes, and carrying our tribal flags. Memory Verse: due Friday, September 24 Judges 5:31 

Science - We will finish our study of states of matter and discuss if objects float/sink.

Social Studies - This week each child  will choose a Native American Tribe to study. A copy of the facts to be found will be in their red homework folder.  Homework: Study states and capitals each Monday.

Handwriting- pp. 24-29 due next , September 21. Pages 30-34 will be due on September 28.