Misty Mc Innes
Misty Mc Innes

Welcome to Language Studies with Mrs. McInnes

At HVCS we believe it is good to expose and start the learning  of a language at a young age.  Students will be completing Spanish lessons facilitated by our teacher that incorporate reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  

Language Studies Assignments by Grade

4th Quarter Assignments:

1.  Spanish Speaking Poster:  This was the poster project.  If you need a new poster or have forgotten what country you have, please contact Mrs. McInnes.

2.  Review Sheets:  Revision Espanola, Un Registro de Comidas, Los Animales  (Spanish Review (skit), Register of food, Animals (draw a picture of an animal)

3.  Bienvenidos a mi casa:  Welcome to my house! Create a house with Spanish words.  The house needs to include 4 different rooms and 2 items in each room

4.  La Fiesta para Cinco de Mayo:  Party for May 5th!  Find a salsa recipe, make it, and review it.  Use Bueno (good), Malo (bad) and Esta bien (ok) to let me know what you think of the recipe.

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