At HVCS, our mission statement provides the foundation of all we do, including our curriculum and instruction. Our teachers' desire to facilitate creative learning and a love for others underlies every lesson they teach. We hold ourselves to high academic standards in our core subjects, interdisciplinary studies, fine arts, Spanish, and other enrichment activities like field trips and our World's Fair. Our small class size allows teachers to employ a variety of assessment tools—going beyond traditional classwork and tests—to reach a variety of learning styles and intelligences; we also offer curriculum acceleration or remediation based on each student's needs. This is available both within a child's grade level as well as advanced work (or additional repetition) in a particular subject.

Our curriculum relies on sound learning principles, based on relevant research, and provides a mission-appropriate, balanced variety of educational experiences for all students. Curriculum guides, curricular mapping, and the specific skills identified by grade level teachers provide organization and continuity from one level to the other. The HVCS Curriculum Committee meets at the end of each year to revisit the curriculum and make necessary updates. Our demanding academic requirements insure that students are prepared to enter Chattanooga's top prep schools or any other school of their choice. Specific curriculum texts may be found on individual grade level web pages.

In addition to our rigorous educational standards, our curriculum also emphasizes the integration of Hickory Valley's values, beliefs, and mission. Students at every grade level learn about serving others by participating in service projects within the school and community. As students progress from grade to grade, they gain an awareness of Christian service and nurture their developing spirit of giving. You will find a listing of specific curriculum on each grade's page under the Academics Tab at the top of this page.